Found a short cut to my Internship Site

Alright, I'm so speechless when I found that my internship site is so much nearer than what I'd expected. I've shorten LRT rail by 3 to 4 stations^^ Meanwhile, I have to barbecue myself no longer since the foundation surface is already done. Apparently, they have the frame done as well. Yes! No direct sunlight! =) Hehe~

You see, my best friend has been joking me as the Prince of Wax, meaning by me having a heat phobia which couldn't bare standing under the sun for long. Also, he is interested in seeing my turning dark. I couldn't deny the fact that I dislike being heated, but sorry to disappoint my friend as God had prepared me a shade this time XD *Laugh out loud! Hahaha~

Previously, I couldn't help myself thinking of terrible scenarios which I need wake up extremely early just to spend time walking to the site each day. Even so, I'm blessed for everything is done so well not according to my empty plan which I didn't plan a single thing in fact. Everything just sprang to be like this =P Yeah! Thank God!

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