FES Festival

I'm supposed to post this few weeks before but I was slightly busy for long posts. Hehe... Anyway, I believe no one minds~

Well, FES is just our campus name and we were having festival. Towards those who are secondary schooling, this can refer as your canteen day. Now, why UTAR choose this day instead of others each year? The truth is, it is UTAR's birth-date.

It may not be as grand as 'Bon Odori' but it certainly worth as an entertainment.
As you can see, we are all students and students do students' style which is to carry our baggies around while we scatter our money =P Are there goods to purchase?

I'm asking nonsense =.= Of course there are!
People sells food and games. They might not be cheap but certainly interesting =) C'mon~ This is life!

Beside those barter system that I'd articulated, there are performances too.
Enjoy? Hehe... Next is the game session. This is totally free unlike the above that I'd mentioned and I was dragged into this game actually =D Guess what? It was music chair and I WON!~

Below is the punishment for those who lose... As I mentioned, I played the game. Thus no photos about the game, Hehe...
What are they doing? Can you guess? =)
All in all, this is the prize that I had won =) 10% discount voucher for a cafe that I cannot go and 25% discount voucher for hair cutting.
Oh, I got additional prize as well. Guess what?
"Study smarter not study harder"

=.= I gave this to someone else too...


Iriene said...

Study Smart, Not Study Hard..
Live Life to the Fullest :D
Clicked Happy & smirnoff ads oredi :)

Shuuu said...

lol I'm also a UTAR-ian, but different campus, I'm in the Kampar campus =)

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