Birthday + Wedding Day

This post is sharing about my cousin's wedding. It was held on the 23th of November 2008. What so special about this wedding ceremony was this particular day is also my cousin's birthday. Cool huh~ What a great idea she has.

Well, she was not a christian, so the ceremony was not held in the church. But for Chinese, a wedding banquet is a must where friends and relatives get together.

Let's proceed to the banquet, Shall we?

My cousin is the one on the right, and the left is my elder sister. They are very close to each other thus this big picture was taken^^
Next, in the middle is also my cousin and the right, my church sister. We address each other as brother and sister in church since we're family in Christ.
This is me and my another cousin. Younger than me. A secondary student.
Another cousin. Actually I have lots of cousins, both boys and girls, both old and young. It's hard to get everyone introduced. I'm sure you'll get bored if I do so right?~
All four are my cousins, but none of them blog. What a pity you can meet them~ Haha
Okay, last boring picture. Middle is the bridegroom elder sister. Did you notice that why we did not take a single picture with the bridge? Reason: We don't really know him, and he was not there either... Hahaha~
Don't focus on his face as I know you would. His was the camera man *so called He promised me to transfer all the pictures taken to me but he didn't. Ish! Luckily I was smart enough to snap some myself using my iPhone. Or else...
He was also the Joker, making lots of funny talks wherever he was. In this picture, he commented that the girl in green was dressing up like a tree. Bad right?
The wedding slide show. I wonder if the western has this. It was to project all special wedding photos of the couple to the guest.As the ceremony starts, a total of nine dishes will be served. The first dish is always the most special dish. No sure of the name, don't know what "five five" thing. This is the last serve. Tong Shui and Pao. It is a refreshment actually. So what happen to the middle dishes? I forgot to snap =P My sister was eating with her eyes closed. Being a critic? No~ It is just her habit of eating.
These two person are strangers. I mean I don't know them but actually they are the bridegroom's friends. As vegetarians, special dishes were prepared for them. And thus we were lucky, we can eat more! *Don't get me? arg~
So you see, in each big round table sat a number of ten. Me, my sister and my brother sat together with the strangers that I'd mentioned up there. Each table will be served with the same nine dishes, that was why food limited. It was not a buffer like the western.
This is also a must in the ceremony. The couple has to fill the glasses with wine together.
Shaky Shaky Shaky and Puff!!!
See, this is how things work.
After the wine, it's time for the cake. Anyway, the cake was a fake. Hahahahah~
When all things are done, the happy couple will go KamPai with their friends and relatives at each table.
KamPai!~ Our table was special, we sang birthday song instead of doing the KamPai stuff.
Okay, let me end with this picture as soon the couple will also get one of this... KID!! =)

[I've no time to blog about this matter on time, sorry yar~]

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