Chirstmas Santa?

Since I was waiting for my hair to dry before going go bed, allow me to spam some stupid stuff here, Hahahah.

This hat was bought by my sister due to her endless money that had no where to spend =.= Weird right? Actually, we don't celebrate Christmas as this festival since it was adapted into religion matter. Why? No one knows when Jesus was born actually and in fact He never ask use to remember his birth. What He asked is to remember only His death when partaking Holy Communion. Am I wrong?

Just like the case that your friend celebrating your birthday in a wrong date that they fixed themselves, will you be pleased? So is better not to act smart as we never know if He will be pleased.

Anyway, the design of the hat is creative. It is not designed to be a wind breaker but a wind walker. No matter how strong the wind might be, the hat will never leave your big head. Hahahahahah~

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