The curse of Taman Maluri

This place is totally new to my dictionary that I've never been to before. But since that I'm free, I agreed to my boss to replaced a worker there who was currently sick(Although I can reject). And, this 'agreement' became my first mistake!

Then, in order to get myself clear on how to get there fast and cheap, a research was completed through Internet where Google Earth helps a lot. All in all, my journey there was by [bus + walk a little to save RM1 + lrt]. My second mistake, the knowledge of Google Earth which guided me there.

[Upon reaching]
The curse begin,

This Sei Fei Poh(Sitting) knowing me new here, making lot of troubles for me. I didn't dare take her picture from front as I was afraid that she'll make me more troubles. Instead, I planned to take it after I've ended my day there but she was not around then. Ish!! Geram!!!

I wanted to ask those who know me, is my hair very long? That Pig commented that my hair was too long that mine should be like theirs, so called 'smart'
Pig betul ni!!! In fact, they looked so dumb!! Rather die than to be like them. At first I rayu-rayu kat dia but she insisted not to let me in. Apalah! MidValley Big Mall also don't mind, you Small Village Mall mind!? I said to myself. But since I've promised my boss(1st mistake) which I felt that breaking it is bad, I went for a little hair cut. Then I returned when I'm done, worrying if I'm late. Now, she said no sideburns. Har? What rule is that? Do you think that I'm now to school? Right, -looking around- and I found that they themselves do not have sideburns neither but certainly not because of they are not allowed to have, it is that they can not grow some!! This Fei Poh really made me run here run there. One more thing. From picture above, that guy was allowed to pass with those sideburns. Why? She's playing racist! Damn women! I only work here for a single day and don't you think you're always above my head! I'm not working as promoter because I'm a promoter, it's just as it was my spam part time. In future I'll surely crush you if I still remember who you are! I'm serious! I'm a vengeful spirit!

This was the new place that I'm working at. No wonder yearly sales here is better. Models and method of arrangement are much more attractive compared to MidValley. My cousin, Irene should understand what I'm talking about.

Next, I met up with a Paliah customer(man in yellow). Promoter next store wasn't around and he sounded like that was my fault after I lead him to what he wants which I refered him to the opposite store.

Why people in Maluri so immature and Paliah? The people inside and customer outside same Paliah!

I shouldn't come! Ish!!!!

This post is just for me to lepas geram... I don't mean it actually. I forgive and forget...Hehehe

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Forever HL said...

i guess it was tough working there...^^
well luckily u just work at there for a few days(or only 1 day? ^^),if more then sure worse...haha...^^


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