Dota - Rylai Crestfall, Crystal Maiden Guide

Lots people claimed to have problems using this hero as she has a very low HP. However if you were to compare, almost every intelligent hero has the same value of HP. My suggestion on correcting this problem is to buy them 3 Null Talismans in the early game.

Now, intelligent heroes are powerful early game attackers but many times they are lacking of Mana Point. Thus, get her 3 Mantle of Intelligents first. Only then transform each to Null Talisman. What is important to you now is HP at the same time MP. Intelligent heroes can't survive without high HP and MP. Her key items can be anything after 3 Null Talisman is done. If you are pro enough, the game should be ending by this moment =)

This hero's Ultimate Skill is freezing field, a channeling spell. If you don't feel like being disturbed while channeling, get a lothar edge or black king bar. I would suggested lothar as majority hero couldn't dispelled you when you are in invisible state. Even if the channeling was broken, you're still be in the invisible state that you can escape from scene.

Believe me. She's a very powerful hero. [Back to Menu]

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Pin said...

I agree. I did saw some body used her very well. Very admired them...

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