HairCut Today

Due to Jusco stupid policy and rule, I've to get my hair cut today =( Nah, not to say that I'm sad. Just that it's troublesome. Although I don't really mind how my hair looks like as I can't really see it myself. Hah~

However after posting my picture onto blogger, I realised. Oh my... Don't mind me^^ as I'm just posting as a remembrance. Hah~ I'm just a lazy fellow who don't bother how my hair looks like before taking this picture.

Don't stare too long. I'm embarrassing... Haha. Anyway, that's before cutting. Below is after cutting. Not really satisfying but maybe this is style? In fact, I'm not really familiar with hair style stuffs. Whatever...

I bet tomorrow will be the same old me again =P

1 comment:

niar said...

dont you know that I was experience the same problem like you? my hair cut two days ago, and I was frustrated to see the result....
see you next time elendil, hope your pc can immediately restored.

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