I cut my Hair

I believe this is my third time telling you the story of my hair cut in my blog =D Well this time, I decided to make my hair short just like the olden days when I’m in my primary school. You see, although longer hair might be the trend today but too bad it had turned out common.

Allow me to share my personal experiences having not long; not short hair =)

First of all, it’s hot. Hereby, I denote ‘Panas!’ not ‘Attractive’ XP For us who are leaving in this permanently summer country, sometimes in our life, we have no choice but to be baked under the evil sun^^ Plus having black color hair of ours is producing greenhouse effect! Global warming our brain!!

Apart from being hot, another matter that irritates me the most is my oily hair. I don’t know about you guys but my hair is like a palm oil tree. When I’m in a freezing degree room, my hair will start to get oily. Note that this oil can’t be used as a cooking ingredient. I hereby declare, it is 100% no sweat! Blah~

Next, night vision! This is cool. We see people covered their eyes with their nicely straighten hair being cool. Maybe they are really cool~ But I find it a disturbance especially during sports. You know I play tennis and tennis needs lots of dashing actions. I can’t afford hair poking my eyes anymore!
Blah blah~ when we want to complain, there is nothing we can’t complain =P That’s human. Yet, I bet we are all looking forward for a better self in the next minute. I think no ordinary person want to be worse in the next minute =) Am I wrong? Anyway, for time is right but the action may be not. If we don’t want to be called ‘x’, we changed by not accepting ‘x’ as part of us. (‘x’ could be anything…)


wenQ said...

nice hair cut, looking smart! :)

Lisa717 said...

Bro^^ you are still as lengzai as b4 with you new hair cut!!!

btw, u r funny funny lo cz u said your hair is just like the palm oil tree..dun be so exaggerated la..hahahhaa!!

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