Hamster from Lisa^^

Sorry for leaving this blog empty for these few decades. Actually, I'm been devoured by finals and problems.

If you guys had noticed, I have rear a hamster in my blog.

I named him Vitagen! (I supposed I'm promoting Vitagen drinks here~ Haha) Maybe some of you might wonder why 'Vitagen'. Well, initially I was thinking of having him 'Nitrogen' but this name 'Nitrogen' was often used by Jason and the others while leaving me messages in my chatbox. Lol...

Anyway, this hamster is a present from Lisa717, a friend I knew in blogosphere^^ Below is Lisa717, I had placed a link in this image =)

Having all 'Gen's is my blogging style and I love animals =)

Oh yea! When you click on the screen, food will pop out for Vitagen to chew.
[P.S: This hamster is located below my chatbox]


Lisa717 said...

so happie after many ages i blog, this is the 1st time some1 promote my blog!!! thanks a lot~ Thanks for loving the hamster too!! I got it accidentally eh..once i saw it, i fell to it immediately!! Muaksss..thanks once again!!! Wishing you happie blogging ya~~

BooNMiNG said...

haha.. the hamster quite fun ler.. haha.. nice to play with when you are bored.. lol

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Waaaahhhh.. I want to make friends from Blogosphere who will gimme hamsters too LOL

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