First day being coached

I had just finished my first tennis lesson today with my elder sis.
Very cheap, monthly fee is only 40.
This is because the coach himself is an old man that only coaches as a hobby.
To him, money is not so important.
What important is to preach the joy of tennis. =)

I've been playing my own style for a year.
But now he wants me to practice a new proper style which I find it hard.

Oh...beside me and my sis,
There are others student too.
Ages are about the same as mine.

After the lesson,
The couch allowed us to have a single player match.
With my racket over here,

I won.
With my own style of course.
Somehow the new style that the couch teaches just doesn't suit me.


Serene said...

Happy day then~

Anonymous said...

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