Move Forward

I was supposed to be down after ruined two papers. Somehow, someone reminded me that "being regretful won't take us any further". He was right=) I was not supposed to be regret on my path that I made. Repairing it is tough but we have to do it, not 'trying' to do it.

When human make mistakes, they walk on them. They are waiting for someone to pat on their shoulder saying "It's okay, future is ahead! not behind..." Everyone need someone to say something when a confirmation is needed. Companion, family, or friends~ They are our advisers...

However, inappropriate usage of this 'key' will somehow bring forth confusion and chaos. Thus, an idea itself might be pure but the words of delivery might not happen to be...

Haiz, why am I writing this? Maybe I was mind disturbed. If that never happens, wouldn't it be better?

Anyway, we have no time machine. Nothing is going to be reversed, but we ourselves should to take initiative to repair what is wrong.


9PEK9BO (ERNST) said...

Moving forward in life reminds me of doing the SAMBA WALK.

We take a step forward with one foot and back-step the other foot..thus sliding back the forward foot slightly to end comfortably balanced as we continue moving ahead.

"He who makes no mistakes makes nothing"

LIZZIE said...

You've got a wise friend there.. The one who advised you as such.. but hopefully whatever's that has happened does not disturb u much.. Learn from ur mistakes n never repeat it again ya.. *^_~*

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