Wish me luck =P

I'm going for CCM paper... I hope all those theories will still be running in my head upon entering the exam hall. Please don't blank out!

Done CCM! Please be mercy dear examiners~ Haha...
Now I'm going for structural analysis!
*update fin -28/4/2007*

How can I forget the questions that were done in tutorials?
Blame myself for being lazy not to revise!
*update fin -29/4/2007*


Philip Foon Weng Lian said...

good luck!!

Lisa717 said...

Go Go GO!!
i know you can do it!!!
God bless you in btw..

leo7_lion said...

I manage to memorize everything, but I did some unforgivable careless mistake. Now, I'm in the line where I should 'Tzk' or not =.= May god move the examiners to be mercy upon marking our papers...lol

confessions of a medical student said...

best of luck!! =)

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