Dota - Rhasta, Shadow Shaman Guide

This hero seldom become powerful. The only thing to keep him up is by not letting him become a feeder. You must be brave enough to attack and kill at the early game. A late game is certainly not good for Rhasta. Thus, get 2 mantle of intelligent, circle of nobility and Ancient Tango of Essifation first. Later on, mana point is very important thus get items which contribute to additional mana point meanwhile health point (eg. guinsoo, blood stone, shiva's guard, aghanim specter) Please do not buy Battle Fury at this hero is not a melee type.

For Skills, all skill are important for this hero. You can first choose Hero Shackles (3rd skill) which binds target when your ally player is together. Forked Lighting (1st skill) grants only little damage. Voodoo (2nd skill) is very important just as Hero Shackles. If you've Rhasta is more likely a supporter even to his own Ultimate, Mass Serpent Ward. This Ultimate is used on target together after Voodoo and before Hero Shackles. Mass Serpent Ward can also be used for tower pushing.

Using this hero is challenging in the sense of it's originate design as a supporter. For least ally heroes game, Rhasta has disadvantage. [Back to Menu]

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