Dota - Magina, Anti-Mage Guide

This hero can be very powerful when you emphasize on attack speed. Therefore, you must have him power tread (any element) as fast as possible and be brave enough to attack and kill but please don't be feeder. Any damaging items is suitable for this hero but I suggest 3 wraith band at early game to give sufficient damage, life and attack speed and remember of Ancient Tango of Essifation. Next, you'll have power tread, vanguard, sange and yasha, butterfly and buriza.

For Skills, focus Spell Sheild (3rd skill) the least if your opponent is not intelligent hero. Able to Blink (2nd skill) fast is extremely important for this hero at any time of the game. Mana break (1st skill) is second to come. Ultimate, Mana Void is only powerful towards those who are leaking mana only.

Basically, what you need to focus on this hero is his speed, attack and blink. That's all.


saeesh said...

Hey u don't need sange n yasha u can use cranium basher for d disable n u waste mana burn effect.
My build for anti mage is
power threads
cranium basher
if game continues den u can go for buriza for dps or replace your vanguard with heart.

leo7_lion said...

That's a great idea too^^ Usually, I got yasha only for his speed. I never upgrade it to YnS as the sange not really important for him~ Hehe

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