The first shock in blogging's life

Wow, I thought I would never have the chance to blog again.

10 minutes before, when I suddenly feel like to blog again, don't let me sign in!!
I was like "Huh? What happen?"

It wrote there 'the username and password did not match' at first.
I was totally surprised.
It was the first time I encounter this problem of signing in.

Then I tried again,
this time, 'username not exists'.
In such state, my friends will surely call out the 'f' word.

Back to my situation.
I thought I had failed to obey the terms and conditions or I've been hacked.
(But can blogspot be hacked? I really have no idea)

So how the problem was solved?
Look at the instruction~ Haiz

The truth is,
Blogger was just updating its system
and it needs older username to reset their account into google account.

Click on 'older Blogger.account'
Then it'll provides new boxes for old username and password.
I Keyed in and agree with the terms and conditions then run.

'username not exists'

This part is tricky.
I feel like giving up at the first place.
But I was very uneasy.

Em...I forgot what I did~
Just click click click
Then I brought myself to a website to reset my password.


I'm back!! Thank God!!

Btw, I just came back here to declare that although I've joined blogspot last year but I only know how to use it this year. How 'Sat Pai' (disgraceful) Hahahaha...


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