Merdeka!! Merdeka!!!

Today's special: FFK, Fong Fei Kei...
I think only Malaysian Chinese understands.
It means 'Empty promise'. (I can't think of more suitable word)
Or "Bounch Cheque" in Hong Kong.
Or "放鸽子" in Taiwan.

Today, I woke up at 9.00am.
Oh! It's Merdeka!! (Independent Day)

I had my Merdeka breakfast 'nasi lemak' and 'pisang goreng'
Nasi Lemak was normal as usual
but Pisang Gerong (Fried Bananas) was indescribably brilliant.

I napped at 12pm since the study has been decided to fall at 2pm.
I planned to 'rest' until my friend could wakes me up through the cell for study. But she didn't. =.=
Thus I overslept.

4.00pm, Waw! It's been so late! Where is she?
I began to worry as if anything had happened.
So I called her.

Me: "Hey, where are you?"
Voice: "Who're you?"
Me: "XXX la, where are you?"
Voice: "Oh, XXX. Why don't you call YYY's cellphone number?"
Me: "You're not YYY?"
Voice: "I'm her mother, and this is my house number."
Me: "Oops! sorry! sorry! sorry! I dialed the wrong number. I'll call her now."

What a mistake I've done. Hahahaha...Next call,

Me: "Hey, where are you?"
Her: "I'm with my friend la."
Me: "When are you coming to my place?"
Her: "Very soon. Very soon."
Me: "What are you doing?"
Her: "Donating Blood."

...O~Still can study after donating blood?...
...Her blood needs Merdeka...

Me: "Today cancel la."
Her: "Ok bye bye."
Me: "Hey!..."
She shut the cell before I could nag her.

Ah, whatever...
Since the study has been postponed then
It's time to sleep again!~Merdeka~

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