Why not Dota?

Please refer to my previous post,
Haha...Just a few minutes before this.

We had decided to continue our study or so called revision tomorrow afternoon.
(Yes! Can sleep longer)

Usually I'll play Dota or some other else game at this time...
But it seems like I'm addicted to blogging. (Hahaha)

But I think this is normal, being a newbie in blogspot.
I b'live most people here get excited when they first came in too.
I took 3 hours to finish my first post and now 15 minutes for this.
What a great improvement.

Talking about Dota (WFT)
I've been playing it for 3 years since 2005.
My sister often asks me why wouldn't I get bored with it.
The answer would most probably be:
>The map keeps on updating and game keeps on improving. IMPROVE!!
>Playing with different types of player making the game feels refreshed. No repeating.
>When you win, you feel the joy and you wanted to feel it again thus you continue.
>When you lose, you feel unsatisfied and you wanted to revenge in the next game.
So when are we going to stop?
I don't know...
Let see if blogspot can stop me. (Haha)

Viewing on other people's blog is not bad neither.
Learning more about your friends.
To know the untold stories etc.

Wow, my post is getting longer and longer. (Good Progress)


Let's jot down thoughts of very moment.
And view them back few years later.
We'll see how beautiful our lives are.


ray said...

ray here
din know u started a blog wo
hv fun la...haha

HP said...

Great...Blog comes first har? But I don't think it will last long for you...Lol

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