Rush Hour

Not really have enough sleep yesterday,
but still I have to force myself up.
Coz I've agree with my friend to study (not revise) for this day as the final exam is approaching.
I regretted. (I should have made it afternoon or evening)

During study, challenges rose.
We were compacting 14 weeks of lectures and tutorials into a day knowledge.
I regretted again.

Still remember during the first week of the semester,
I swore to myself that I'll work hard and not to skip classes like last time.
But as hours go on,
I'm myself again!!

What to do?
I heard people changes.
But often are changed toward negative sides.

I'm still bothered by some unsolved 'headaches' right now.
Someone please 'rescue' me.

I still have a half day to go.
And my friend here does not know that I'm blogging.
I'll surely get 'slaughtered' if she finds out. =(

Next semester, I must be really really determined.


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