Home new addicted game

Almost all of My housemates are gamers.
Online gamers.

But just recently,
one of my friend (also a boyfriend to one of my housemate)
came to our unit along with a Rubik cube.

Guess what?
My whole unit housemates suddenly changed their interest to that tiny thing.

[I erased their faces on purpose, If not you'll all enter hospital...Hahaha]

Guys and girls, they are the same.
They stopped SDO, Dota, CS, Q-world etc just for that.
Worth meh?

I'd tried that thing before but I can't manage to fix it correctly.
Moreover, I broke it.

Thus I give up.
But all my housemates manage to complete it...Geramnya!!
Let see how one of my housemate play.


However, after they all learnt the trick,
This thing is soon bored.


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