Success is When You try

Can you do it?

I never thought it can be that simple until I've try it.
(With formulas of course)

After completing this cube,
I've learnt a lesson.

Learning is observing
Practicing is doing
Learning is not practicing
But practicing is learning

Learning makes forget
Practicing makes perfect

One can teaches you many things but
You will never get it until you have experienced it

Before completing it on my own
My friends had shown me the way many times
But still it's a waste
Until when I was doing it
Case cracked

Basically this has nothing to do with my finals.
But by completing it has motivated me to strive ahead.
Thank You.


Summer JuiCE said...

wow ... A-16-1

memang shock sendiri sekarang ya~~
so geng, envy u all
so steady in this tension moments!

Your ALL one "sifu" is who?
My Housemate le...

Anonymous said...

You r kok chee izit?

Irene said...

haha. its great that u finally managed to do it :)

all the best in coming exams!

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