Church Prize Giving Day

I'm writing this on behalf of my church prize giving day at 28.2.09! It is kind a big day for me as I'm one of the man in charge in this event. Well my job, a programme planner! I planned a sketch for primary school kids to present and songs to sing for college students. [I'm not singing, I'm their teacher... Hehe] This is Irene and her board decoration. She is very active in blogging. Unlike me, she blogs only about her life. Whereas for me, anything =P I bet my readers 'swt' reading my posts sometimes... Lol
But this is my style~ I share everything I know~ Now, get to work!
Look at what she's doing? Most probably is for her blog use~ When she realised me snapping this picture, we laughed because we know both of us will blog about this.
This wrap paper... Made by teachers themselves. Economic + Effort = Meaningful. Oh ya, forget to mention that all these prizes given are to reward kids who have the best results and attendance.
Ah! Apa ni? (What's this?) Just making fool of myself.

These are the... trophy? I'm not sure if this term is correct =P Below are the pictures of the kids having their presentations.
Nursery + Kindergarden doing the choir
Primary school doing the sketch 'Noah's Story'
College duet! Entitle 'I'll Pray'

Actually there is also the secondary school instrumental presentation but the pictures are not here somehow. =P
Goodie Bags given Our Group Photo
We called it REU
Religious Education Unit

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