Doing House Chore Today

Judging from the picture above.... It is like me enjoying the cleaning but the fact is, I was being punished for not joining the house cleaning at the beginning of this semester. That Serene beside me received the same punishment as well that is to clean that dirty balcony.
Not very dirty? Right, I'd cleaned 50% of it before I was kindled to post about it. Lol... Serene suggested that we use soap and...

Me: Soap is useless! These are dusts.
Her: Why soap doesn't work on dust leh?
Me: Cannot means cannot la! Waste soap only~
Her: Just apply only la =P
Me: If I fall, I will 'bunuh' (kill) you.

[Malaysian English always have 'la' in their conversation...Haha]

Above are the final product of we'd achieved. Brand new balcony! Hm... My picture quality quite nice aren't they? They are from my IPhone. Hehe...
This old tap doesn't work at all when we need it. It makes us running in and out from that far washroom. Swt, pails of water are not light you see... Hm~
Em... What's this? According to one of my housemates, rubbish wastes were to be thrown out of our balcony straight especially when it is raining. Right timing! It is raining now! However by doing this, it won't be me anymore. Therefore, I leaved those rubbishes at the outer side of the balcony. But if the wind blows and they fall, it will not be my fault then... Hahaha!

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