Leaking in Tesco

Malaysian building really 'teruk' (lousy) one lor~ Yesterday, there was a heavy rain in my place and you know what? The rain water leaked into this building and it dripped into my right eye! Ish! I thought that I'm going to be blind with those contaminated rooftop. Tesco Damansara, you are terrible... Haha...

Once Tesco goods were considered the best quality except for its roti (Bread). Nevertheless, things change season change. Jusco and Ikea had finally stand up to bring Tesco down. Tesco is now red life.
See this kind of ceiling also know already. Left only skeletons. Haha... Some more got bleeding one! Rain god wants to come in is it? =)



HeHeHunter said...

Tesco where? Puchong?

leo7_lion said...

It's damansara. forget to state there..lol, sry~

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