Chinese New Year Approaching

Among all festivals, I love Chinese New Year the best! Beside enjoying holiday, we also collect Red Packets. It's a kids' Pay Day^^ Above is the decoration in Mid Valley but why am I there?

Here is the story, my school reopened last week and initially I'd stop working part time. Somehow early in the morning Jessy called me to work and that time I was having my sweet dream. In fact, I was so used to the life in holidays and totally forgotten that my school just reopened. I agreed to work then =.=
Sales at the beginning of the year is the worst. Everyone of us can go zero sales few days straight as no customer would like to buy our stuff. Thus the report is very bad.
Having no customer wandering around, we can't do anything to promote. Therefore I brought along my paperwork in order not to waste time. Permanent workers don't think this way, they rather chat around or sit quietly for time to past. Maybe they're bored with the same old life style all day long.

This is... Promoter for Canon and Panasonic.
She is... Promoter for Olympus and Samsung.

In Taman Maluri, we promoters don't compete with each other unlike One Utama and Mid Valley. This is because Taman Maluri people are very friendly. And initially Mid Valley was like that too until the existence of a person named Ah Long who always discriminate other brand. He makes enemies.

Anyway, within these 3 days of working days I can still managed to sell 3 pieces which can be averaged to 1 per day. Thank God. I don't feel like losing my company's money employing me for nothing although I'm just a part timer.

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