Gym for Guys

All guys love shaped body and all they do is not hunting like the past, but 'Gym'ing. However for me, gym is like a torture chamber =.= I'm the type who just let everything go the way they are.

Well, here I can conclude that Girls spend hours for make up while Guys spend hours sweat up. Making life tougher like walking on a stiff road.
Not to deny that it's bad or what. In fact, I'm a super lazy person. My friends always invite me to Gym but I rarely practice the stuffs they do. Else if Malaysia is a little cooler, I'll consider doing.
Having shaped body is splendid but I do consider what will happen if we stop visiting gym due to our busy life. We will turn muscles into fat which uglify us then.
Oh don't be discouraged by my post~ I'm just posting for the sake of blogging =) Let's enjoy some pictures that I took when my friends are doing their gym stuffs...
When you are happy with what you're doing^^ You will be like this!


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Jason Law said...

It's good to do some exercise...
People nowadays don't do regular exercise ><

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