Inter-Utar Tennis Tournament

Right, it was a tournament~ But only 5 male players participating, Whahaha... "Utar, My choice" goes "Utar, No choice". No others who can play tennis. Sad case isn't it? Actually we have additional 4+2 players but they didn't turn out at last. One of them was PeterSoo (my classmate), going for Footsal instead of Tennis. Man, the number of Tennis player keep on decreasing semester by semester.

Anyway, I lost the match T.T and below are the winners of overall games.
Martin (left) and Chaw (Right). Haiz, I still have long way to go... One day, I must bit them!
Martin was joking about sending me to MMU Tennis Open. They said my Tennis is crazily stunning and tricky. I lost the game because I have no confident on my speed ball returns unlike the previous Utar Sports Carnival. "If you could do that, you could had won" they said. Chaw place high hope on me, but I disappointed him T.T
In fact, I couldn't play my top spin flash return as my grip was losing before Tournament began. I usually depend on the end of the grip to supports my holding when performing that powerful swing.
Pitiful and wasted. Should I get another one? or repair it?
Nah, I can't blame the racket for losing my own game. If I'm a good player, I should control the racket not the racket controls me. =) I'm not giving up! Chaw and Martin! I'm gonna crush you someday!!

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