Earth Hour Respond

I assume many of us cannot wait for this hour to come where all light shall be offed for an hour to save our Earth. Meanwhile, I also believe that many of us cannot wait for this hour to end where everyone was waiting in front of their lights switch to turn it on.
Human lives without lights on is impossible (Sounds discouraging but it's a fact). One of my friends suggested, it is better for us to turn off those big electric consumer devices such as computer, air-conditioner and refrigerator instead of lights. It saves more electricity meanwhile treasury. Why? With lights off, thievery on.
What do you think it will happen went the world is like above? Great~ It should be like this at the beginning. Nevertheless, darkness is where all 'bads' appear. Our society, our world is not safe neither way.
Let's be smart, lights on but other electric devices off. Please don't misunderstand. I'm not saying that I'm not supporting this campaign. In fact, I support 100%! Just that it would be better if we do the smart way. Lights doesn't contribute much to global warming but other electric devices do. Stop using air-conditioners, computers and refrigerator instead of lights.

Let's see what TV stations do during this hour.

Talking about saving electricity, why programmed something at this hour? Encouraging people to waste electricity instead? 8TV is the only one who support this event T.T

1 comment:

[~*Erlina~*] said...

wat leh~
global warming wont occur rapidly at nite leh so no worries!!! XD
if dun hv candle,a lot of incident will happen 1 neh!!!

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