G3 to Genting (Part.2)

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-I love these three photos, can you find where am I?-
Everybody say "Peace^^v No War~"
Funny faces "Ceh! only me doing funny face~"
We are linked "One spirit we are~"

Right, enough nonsense =) Previously, I was posting about reaching Genting through Cable cars. Now, let's proceeds to stupidity +.+b
We were undecided on which hotel to choose at the very beginning until an uncertain force began to attract us to this hotel. Waw~ Scary... Alright, that was nonsense =P This receptionist said he knows YiZhong as a secondary schoolmate but YiZhong couldn't recalled who was he. YiZhong must be very famous back in his secondary school^^ Anyway, knowing each other at this point doesn't contributes any room discount XD.
Room booking was a troublesome matter. Time consuming~ It doesn't need so many people to register for a room anyway. Therefore me, Serene and SweeGing took this opportunity to flee =D
Genting~ Wow!!! Wonderful memory for G3~ Happy happy!
What is this place huh? Actually we were looking for the Japanese Garden but we were lost. As known, Genting Japanese Garden is best place for photography.
Blah~ Nevermind XD Let's think of something to do here instead. "What to do leh?"
First of all, the old trend. A picture where everyone should jump. I wonder where this trend was initially from since everyone take it as a 'must' for photography.
Okay, our new trend. Bollywooders~ "Come come dance with us!"
Run half way suddenly felt embarrassing liao~ Lol... "C'mon! Where's there spirit^^"
After a short distance of jog, we found ourselves hungry and decided to dine. Now, where shall we go? When information is needed, information counter is a place we should go^^ We were lost again. Teruklah us... lol~
Before dining, let's picture. I was holding a Genting map already^^ See~
Aiyer~ What's this? Chap Pu Long (Hokkien) dish! It is like a mixture of leftovers.
Zebra Crossing fruit. According to research done, we must eat fruit before proper meal. But we never follow =P
Able to eat is a blessing, don't waste time talking things that bind our freedom^^v
Serene: Come! Open mouth big big~
Must remember to wash hand with soap after food because soap will helps to clean the basin besides your hand. That's the main purpose of preparing you soap. Haha...
Eat full full, nothing to do, play pool pool, mana(who) tau(knows) sendiri(I) shu(lost)~ (English + Hokkien + Malay = Proverbs)
Picturing is the most worth thing to do =D Let's be fool~
Eh! Something is coming from our right~
Haha, kena tipu! Kicked!
Hereby, we were discussing on how to get ourselves into Casino since we are not all 21++.
This is a very serious matter, we don't want to get tumbuk(hit) from the security guards like this.
After discussion, I decided not to enter and YiZhong followed my idea =) Good Friend^^ Okay the fact is, the rest went in but they never lay a hand on single table =.=
Thus they came back before long. See, we were like kids fighting for the bed XD
Big Snap! This snap finished my phone battery. Thanks to MeiNgor... Lol~
I guess it is time to sleep. Everyone get into position!
Oi Oi~ By the way, MeiNgor snored throughout the whole night =.= causing those who slept beside her suffered. As evidence, YiZhong and KaiShen recorded her snoring =) Mission accomplished.

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