G3 to Genting

I'm posting this on behalf of 24th March. It was a sudden inspiration that Civil Engineering Group 3 went to Genting. Well, it sounds weird when we actually considering skipping our Wednesday's class but there is no one to be blame as everyone was looking forward for this trip. One proof is that choosing this day was initially inconvenience to SweeGing, yet she made up her mind to follow us because we are in group spirit.
Above picture was taken when we were on our way to lrt Gombak. Minding of us having insufficient time for a proper lunch, we bought breads instead. Above are Serene, Me and KokYong.
With breads that we'd bought, we went Picnic in our Platinum Court Garden. Although it was near to construction site where smog conquers this place as it always does, we ate and drank. Above are Serene, KokYong and SweeGing.
Eating was not the only thing we do. We took pictures as remembrance. For my style of photography, a suitable background is very important. I prefer places where they are unique that we can posed as unique as they do. Lol...
Oopz, it seems like we had forgotten someone. KaiShen! He was waiting alone at lrt Gombak! Initially, we had made a patch where everyone were to assemble in lrt Gombak at 2.30pm. Then, MeiNgor delayed it to 3.00pm due to acceptable reason but I bet KaiShen didn't know about this.
Thus, we went to accompany him. Together we waited for the rest. Above KaiShen, Serene, SweeGing and KokYong. We talked nonsense in the meantime of waiting^^
3.oopm is the new patch but anyway they reached at 4.00pm. Lol... This is what you call Malaysian. Therefore next time, we have to expect people to come at least 30 minutes late always.

"Okay, all here~ Let's go!"
This picture is special, which only could be done in my iPhone but it is not under my control. Lol... Sometimes, my phone just captured this kind of photo instead of those normal one. Sweat!!
I like photo taking^^ since they are memories... Continue will be our photos in one hour bus journey. Above are MeiNgor, YaChie and KaiShen.
Me and Richard. He really look forward for this trip =)
From left to right, top to bottom. KaiShen, KokYong, Richard, YaChie, MeiNgor, Me, YiZhong,TeckWei, SereneMah and SweeGing. WeiHao is the photographer there for he is not in the picture =P
Here we are ready to take the cable cars. I was finishing the half boxed soy bean which was bought before hand. I wanted to finish it because I was lazy carrying it =p
Above from left to right, top to bottom. KokYong, YiZhong, Richard, KaiShen, SweeGing, Meigor, TeckWei, WeiHao, Serene and YaChie. I always started these photo taking things thus I always not able to be in the picture. Pity... Someone please replace me T.T
In cable car. Sitting quietly is not how it should be^^ Above are KaiShen, TeckWei, Me and WeiHao. We must do something stupid as this is where fun grow =)
Do you know that if a cable car loses its strength and fell, those who witness the accident will get RM2000 to bury the fact? We always waited to witness this kind of things to happen. Lol~ So bad... Above are YaChie, MeiNgor, Serene and SweeGing.
Please look at what was Serene doing? She was shouting at the cable car in front. Actually, we have friends inside ahead car too and it was them to start this shouting competition.
Serene started story telling. She was like a teacher or lecturer telling us nothing but grandmother story. Hahahahahha~
This picture shows how the cable line looks like. Nothing special actually.
Meanwhile, friends from other car were doing the same thing as we do too~ Above are Richard, KokYong and YiZhong. Only three of them in the car?

Now, we are looking for hotel to overnight.
This picture was taken because they were stuck in this twisting thing (I don't know what it calls =P) You can YaChie posing when she realised that I actually snapped.
Walk the way to hotel~
Snap! Eh? How it supposed to look like?
Like this lar~
Like this also^^
Aiyo~ We are late! Let's Run!!



Chin Joo said...
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Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I'm not sure if Malaysians are lucky or not when it comes to spontaneous trip to Genting.

20 years ago, everyone needed thick clothings and wrapped like "bak chang/chung". Hmmmmm.. I remember the cold experience was a lot nicer.


*there's a bit screw-up with my Blogger identity, the one above isn't really mine..

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