G3 to Genting (Final)

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Previously, we had a night in resort. Now, we are out of dreams!! Theme Park is in our path~
What is this game called? Whirlwind! Anyone can use these designed seats to dry their hair and cloths. But those who seat behind will suffer.
Cyclone! One of my favorite. Note the sign that I gave in the picture above? It means 'Hands off' when you're seeking for excitement^^ Right, this game is great when you can feel the drop impact.
Since I'd introduced my friends in the previous post, I prefer not to be 'long-winded' again =P
Sharing our photos^^ I like pictures taken under the sun. They are somehow clearer and brighter. Don't you think?
Everyone get to sit with known friends under same car except for this couple T.T What to do? Insufficient people here~
Alright~ Let's move on and start screaming like mad!
After trying wind element, now we are into water element! Log! It's time to get ourselves wet!
Note that 'Please don't stand' warning? Lol... I'm not saying that I did stand =P What I'm trying to say is that, it never mention 'No photo taking'. Smile widely everyone~
After the big splash~ Everyone turned cool (-.-b) Just like applying gel to hair.
Next, the heavy water weight carried us nowhere but the Mine Train. Basically, we were just using this train to dry ourselves as Whirlwind was too far ahead.
I always hope that it would be a longer track since it's fun. Yet if my wish comes true, the queue get longer too XD

After Mine Train, our dear friend 'Rain' came to visit Genting.
Not this rain!
But this rain!
Thus we have no choice but to go indoor. Oh, hairy legs~ Guess what? We're into Bowling.
And KokYong won the first in this bowling game~
After bowling, Rock Climbing. I heard that, for those who are above 6okg not allow to climb these rocks. Most probably the supporters below aren't heavy enough to hold us.
WeiHao and Joanne were climbing.
Eh? WeiHao dropped. Now, YiZhong and Joanne.
Eh? YiZhong dropped also. Now, Richard and Joanne. Wow, she's so persistence.
Finally, KokSheng~ Okay, none of us reach the top =P
However, good work!!
Hah! 'Rain' has stopped! Let's go people!!
This game is kinda expensive, RM4 per play. But if we win something, certainly it Worth.
This is cheaper, RM2 per play. However, it needs skill alot.
Guess what? Kaishen won a Moo Moo and presented to Serene. Serene very happy.
Oh, we never thought that we would played this.
Nevermind, since the SpaceShot was fully occupied with uncountable amount of people.
Since Kaishen won Serene something, it's time for Serene to return an appreciation XD
It's kind of scary if we watch below as the hanging is not really stable. Unsecured =P
Last game, Moo Moo Fighting. Nah, I just crapping. It was the Motorcar Ride. It took us hours to reach our turn. In the end, we missed the SpaceShot.
Oh! I forgot! There is still Haunt House. I thought that I'm brave enough to get through this but in fact, I was pretty scare upon entering.
Somehow, the Haunt House has nothing but walls. Fraud! Waste my 'Takut'ness~
Okay, it's time to wave goodbye to Genting~ Everyone were tired but I hope you are not tired reading my long-winded post. Lol~


serene said...

haha fun!!i wan go for trip again..G3..when is our nex trip? :(

Lisa717 said...

wah wah~~
wat a fun moment u had with your dear friends!!! I've not been to Genting with my bunch of frens adi..bt anyway, i cant play those over exciting game..u knw, i afraid i might get heart attack..that's y sm of my frens it's nt worth for me to play outdoor games wor..sad sad~

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