New Rubik Family Members

Aiyo, I'm so guilty for not posting something on 11th April =P Right, it was a Saturday and I've been half-day churchgoing. Night, I attended my friend 21th birthday party meanwhile stayed over. There is not a chance of turning on the computer to blog until now =)

I have not finish my Genting Post right? Now I have an extra task which is my friend's 21th birthday post. In fact, It was a very interesting day which I don't feel like missing it in my blog^^ Currently waiting for photos~

Some of you might already known that my elder sister is a rubik collector. Last time, I told you about her buying 3x3 + 4x4, then 2x2, next triangle (forget to blog about triangle), and now...

Sphere, 12-gon and "3x3 - middle". Aiyo~ She is so addicted to Rubik but she never solve any of them =P At least I can do 3x3 XD
I actually tried this new "3x3 - middle" but I can't solve it @.@ Eh? It was different compared to ordinary 3x3!! Shit~
Rubik tower, she is still aiming for more of these. Currently she's waiting for 7x7 to come =)
1, 2, 3... 8 in total =)

3x3: Welcome into family, 12-gon, sphere and pirated punya 3x3^^
3x3-middle: What pirated!? I am a hollow (If you watch bleach)
3x3: I rolled my eye =P

Go! Go! big sis ^^b

1 comment:

[~*Erlina~*] said...

walao eh!!!
so many cute 1...
my course comm is selling rubic cube for charity too...
sure got a lot of choices 1...
if possible,i take pic for u to c.. mum supported me to go for his concert..XD

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