Report on ES Presentation

Environmental Science Presentation is the most casual presentation of all. First, it needs no formal attire where you can even wear your shorts and slippers. Second, the venue is not a proper room but a corridor where people chats and walks. Third, we presenters sit next to lecturer like a group being consulted more than we presenting.

Before presenting, we were waiting in patience since the lecturer was not in. Then, we started to wonder if something goes wrong when meeting time passed. Are we in the right place?
Note that fat lady sitting behind? I'm not asking you to look Yachie XD
Actually, we planned to ask her about the lecturer but she was so busy with her phone. Digging her nose some more.
Bluek! The presentation was not so good. 4 questions only 1 could be answered well XP

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Xjion89 said...

haha, can so cin cai 1>? cool~~~

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