New Dell LCD 24" Monster!!!

Above, I purposely spelled it as monster since it was weirdly wide =P What do you think? I'm still not used to its shape =D

My younger sister told me that elder brother bought it for "tzi bak"(RM100 in Hokkien) the day I'm still in Setapak. Although it may sounds impossible to you but it is possible for my elder brother who is currently working as a manager under Dell. Still, I was so surprise hearing that unbelievable tag~ Night after I returned from church service, I came to blogspot thinking of blogging about this matter. I wanted to praise my elder brother in front of you guys until my dad came by and say...
Dad: Ham Mi Tzi Bak, Shi CiT Bak Lar!!! (What RM100, is RM700 lar!!! in Hokkien)
Me: Har? Sure Boh?
Dad: Na Si Tzi Bak Sa Ma Lang Chiung Liao Lor!!! Hahaha~ (If RM100 everyone will be fighting for it lor!!! Hahaha~ in Hokkien)

Aiyer, Embarrassing... It was my younger sister's fault for not listening to the correct tune, "Tzi Bak" and "Cit Bak" also not able to differentiate~ Swt, some more confirmed me that it was "Tzi Bak". Elder brother sure laugh at me if he gets to know this scheme T.T

So what will happen to the old monitor?

I guess it's time to say goodbye~ Please don't call me heartless as in fact, I can't effort to buy him another set of family =P

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Chris Thoo said...

hey, thanks for dropping by.

I see that you're a bleach fan too eh

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