Guide for Rubik Cube

Step 1
Correct 1 surface of color include the sides.
If you can't manage to do it then...

Step 2
Set the complete surface as your base.
You'll know which colour that it suppose to fit on each surface.
Correct the center position of the each side.

Step 3
Viewing from top, the nine blocks.
Determine one block that you wanted to move.
(condition: the colours in that block should not include the colour on top surface)
(eg. If top are to be yellow, don't choose the block that contains yellow)
Viewing from side, move the block to the surface that matches its colour.

Now, formulas come in.
If the block is suppose to fit into right,
[F= front, L/R= Left/Right, U=Up, B=Bottom]
[C= Clockwise. I= Inverse Clockwise]
If the block is suppose to fit into left,
If the block is suppose to be dug form the second level,
then just simply apply the same formula to left/right towards that specific block

Step 4
Now, 2 level colours are filled.
Now with same base,
When get the shape like what is shown.
Set your new front at the shape shown.
Repeat same formula twice.

You should get a cross by now.
Check if the cross is aligned properly corresponding to all colours.

If not,
Let 2 aligned block face behind and right.
Repeat until you get all aligned.
If all not aligned,
Do RC,UC,RI,UC,RC,UC,UC,RI once to check again.

Step 5
Now, only corners' problem.
Determine which corner block's position is correct,
never mind the colour displacement.
Set that block at your top right facing you (same base)
Repeat until you get all in position.

If no block is in right position.
Until you found the block which is in right position.

Step 6
Get the block you that wanna change it's face colour at you front top right corner.
Repeat until top view get the matched colour
Never mind the below level displacement.
They'll be fixed later.

Front still remain front.
Turn top to move the next corner you want to change to your front top right corner.
Apply the same formula.
(Do not forget the 'BI')
Repeat this steps until you get all top blocks done.

You can swift a little of your lower levels to complete the cube.
[Any mistake pls correct me]

If you can master these simple steps then you can try these

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