The second shock in blogging's life

This time, the shock took me 5 hours to settle down.
If you're a blogspot blogger maybe you could understand what I'm trying to express.

I accidentally reverted the widget template that my current layout was downgraded.
I was shocked as I've no idea how to reset it back.
In fact, I really dislike the old template it gave me.
And the function was very limited.
Very very limited.

I calmed myself down to look for the guide provided.

What's funny was that the guide was found but I was unable to find the upgrade button in my screen as where it was shown in the guide.
I couldn't figure out why.
Maybe I'd just reverted it that it may takes some time for the button to reappear?
I'd thought of many possibilities but the problem was still remained.

5 hours passed.
I was in a very bad mood.
If I failed to reset back to it's previous state I might just delete this blog.
I really hate that template.

Suddenly, an idea came into my mind.
Eh? Maybe I should try on other computer.

Thus, I went towards my friend's computer in no time.
Following the same guide, going to the same page.
Wa, there it is!! The upgrade button!!
Thank God, now I can reset it back.

Why I can't see that button in my own computer?
The reason is...
My screen resolution is too small that the button was totally hidden under the screen.
Oh my goodness...I wasted my 5 hours just for that silly mistake.

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