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I guess I have not blog about the bridge competition that I going to participate this semester^^ Basically, this has something to do with my course subjects. We are to form a group consists of five, to built a stable bridge that is able to withstand 5 kg of load for 30 seconds. 30 Seconds only!!!! That is... short? long? I'm not sure how long will our design stands... Haha

Anyway, there rules for the competition. First, we need a creative concept which can stun the judges XD Then, we construct using only members of 5mm x 5mm. Arg... This is troublesome~ I wonder how other groups have been doing~

Currently, we had our design done but I'm afraid that I couldn't show you until the end of the competition which is falls the on end of Sept. Now, we are seeking tools for building. Above is a kit suggested by our Architect Liaw but guess what I'd found? Hehehe... I accidentally deleted the tools' pictures =P

Anyway, I really hope that our design will go through the first round and then the final!

Em... How is this competition looks like, sound like and taste like? Allow me to present you^^This is not mine of course, Haha~

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niar said...

hi Elendil how are u, nice to see u again. I just known that u can create a great things such a bridge. It's sounds so good.
So, it's better that u have to always develop your self and skill in order to become more and more competent, and give something more and worth for your own self...

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