Friends and Cousins

It's been a long time since I last post like this due to my stupid phone that couldn't transfer pictures to my computer directly. All my daily life could not be posted! Ish!!

Anyway, I'm going to introduce some of my friends/cousins today whom I have their pictures here~ If you read through my previous posts, you'll realise that I'd never mention any one's name, even mine (expect for evon's...that was unintentionally~ Haha).

All pictures were taken at Subang when we gathered together for a choir presentation. That's why you'll see us wearing weird uniforms. Haa~

Let's start with...

Irene, my cousin whom I'd mentioned a lot in my previous posts. She was the one who recommended me to my current part-time job. A very cheerful and helpful person indeed.
Here are Evon(left) and Naomi(right), my cousin and my friend. Evon was the one persistently recommending me to use iPhone, friendly and helpful person. Naomi is my childhood friend who hangs around with us a lot. We celebrate most festive seasons together. You'll see her too in my previous posts
Sarah, Anna and Emily. Friend, friend and cousin.
Sarah and Anna are much younger than me but Emily is not. By the way, Emily is a nurse. We consult her on anything medical.
Next, partially visible Melissa, lisa, Naomi then Evon again, See Urn and Blocked face P Hua. Melissa, tall and pretty one but unfortunately her face is half hidden over here. Lisa, Irene's elder sister also pretty. See Urn and P Hua are the seniors amongst us.

Ok, that's about all for today.
-Limited photos now-
To be continue...

By the way,
Cornelius and Leo are just my nickname^^v

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