Grandma Birthday Culture

Today is my grandmother birthday. She is now 90++ and a few days before, she was still healthy. No reason tells why she suddenly collapses, beside her age. She was now unable to walk and hardly speak. Very very weak =(

Therefore, we're not having a big party but just a little gathering for relatives instead. Lots of people, her sons and daughters, sons and daughters in law, grandchildren and grand grandchildren (4 generations). Of course, with food.

Upon reaching, my phone was taken away first by my elder brother for gaming since the dinner was not ready to be served.

'I'll just take the pictures later' I thought

Then, Lisa hopped in : "Eh, I wanna play also"
Me : "Ok~"

Aunties : "Children, those who want to eat can eat now~"
Me : "Yeah! Makan!~"
Totally forgotten about my phone which was still with Lisa at the moment.

-Finish eating-
Me : "Eh? My phone leh?"
Lisa : "I'm not giving you back, Ha-ha. I still wanna play."
Me : "Okay lah"
Totally forgotten about taking picture matter.

Grandmother was very weak and always feels like falling asleep. Mom and my aunties were trying to keep her awaken by making lots of conversation. Meanwhile, the kids like us were doing our own stuffs, chit-chatting and such. Too many people too crowded, what to do? Hehe...

-After about half an hour-
People started leaving. Only then I realised about the picture thing. However, the phone was still under occupied. Aiya~ No choice liao lar...
No picture this post...

Ah, I know. Let me introduce this person...

Ye Ye

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