Pizza Hut Delivery

Delivery Contact number: 1-300-88-2525

Me : Very lazy to go out eat la~
Sis : Me too...
Me : How? Want to call for a delivery?
Sis : What you want then?
Me : What else? Dominos lar since we have the coupons.
Sis : I prefer Pizza Hut la.
Me : But Dominos' bread very nice one ler~
Sis : I pay you pay?
Me : You!
Sis : Okay, Pizza Hut!

Tututu~ Online ordering... Tututu~

Sis : I leave the money here, later when he arrives you go pay.
Me : Yalah~ *rolled eyes

-30 minutes later-
Honk! Honk!

Me : Wow wow, very hungry de. Jie ah! Faster come eat la!
Sis : Don't Kanjiong la!

Like this costed RM 41.80

But the tempura very nice,
Okay la, same taste like those outside gerai-gerai one.
-Prefect is when you say it is-

At first when I opened this box,

Me : Eh? Why like this de? New combo ar?
Sis : What's the problem? The order is correct~
Me : I thought it was a big piece pizza since they use such a box.
Sis : Nolar~ You never order this before meh?
Me : I'm outdated with delivery stuff... Keke


Teddy said...

haha, i long time no order pizza hut liao.. i oso din kno they got such boxes..

Forever HL said...

she pays so have to listen to her...
Pizza Hut!


CaRRiS said...

wow.... it looks nice^^
i've more than 1 yr din eat ald... huhuuu~

Harry said...

nice packaging.. didnt know its like that liao..

Serene said...

I'm Hungry de~

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