Working in Jusco

Well, my 3 months holiday is going to end soon. And my friends are all still busy with their part time. Recently, my boss called me up to work at Mid Valley again =( Actually the venue was okay. Just that working in Jusco is very troublesome. Haiz~ When will my boss send me to work in-house eh?
This is the promoter pass that every part-timer should get before start working. I hate this part the most. Sometimes the security just go tight and we'll have trouble. For this, some part-timers made their own false pass just to work. This is a secret^^ Don't tell Jusco Manager.
Every counter has a permanent promoter and only one is enough. Today, he's taking leave and that's why I here. I have no idea what's wrong with this fellow that he actually set a wrong price to a camera. After a short conversation with Cathy, we decided to change the price tag.
To work whole day is a tiring and boring task. What's more irritating is to watch the screen demo which keep repeating all the time. Sometimes, I just need someone to talk to when I'm bored. So I would simply let my customers to try on any cameras while chating with them. 2 weekdays and 5 cameras sold. But still not satisfying =) I'm going to achieve higher in the future.
This is Long Ming Fuo. He is strange person with strange attitude. Every time I talk to him, he never listen. But when he talk, I must listen. Ish!! Anyway, he taught me a lot on how to serve customers when I first came to work. But now, he taking me as his enemy cause I've done better than him... Hahaha!

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leo7_lion said...

You won't be seeing me in normal days =P So don't come kacau lo...Hehe

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