Clinic Diary

I was surfing the net doing some blog thing while my cousin suddenly sms me
"Are you home?
Do you mind to fetch me go c doc?
Cause my hse no ppl and no car =("

Right, she was sick and I actually saw symptom of her going to sick yesterday
Without much thought, I turned off the monitor as what I usually did when I'm away
Grabbed one of those keys and drove to her house

Upon reaching, I *honk honk outside and she came out
Aik? She seems okay...
Just a little sore throat and flu

But I do understand that these can be irritating

Finally, we get ourselves to the clinic
She registered herself while I was doing nothing
Let's have some pictures

She's registering

I asked her to show her sick face and she did

About the clinic
Thank God that it was empty today
We don't have to wait long then

My car out there is an Avanza
It's been a long time since I last drove manual
I kept entering the wrong gear

She was inside for check up and I have nothing to do...


Her princess dairy and my clinic dairy
Yea, cousin is meant to be like this
Helping each other when problem arises
Same goes to friends

Btw, she is the one who assists me in finding part time job^^
Thank you my cousin~

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