Okay, it's time to update on yesterday's news. The incomplete team 7 has finally visited Aquaria, the Mother Sea~ Haiz, "LP Linkin Park" and "YY Yang berbahagia" had gone oversea or else this team will be a complete one~

Btw, do you know the members of team 7?
They are~
Yang the SamPat Irene the Messy Wei the Chocolate Evon the Zombie Ping the Pong Naomi the Miaw & Joseph the Ruff

What a name =.= Anyway, we are not bonded by blood but we are as if... a family which every chapter started.
In this post, we will share some pictures of the fishes taken in Aquaria.
Hope you'll enjoy~

Guess what?
This is the kind that kills our Crocodile Hunter.

Hehe, we called this "Eat shit fish"
It is because that it eats everything underwater including shit, you know?

Well, I must admit that the fishes are healthy here with their gigantic sizes as proof.
Although... They seems like lacking of freedom em~
Anyway, we human aren't living in freedom as well you see,
We study, stress, work, stress XD

Electric Eel
They generate electricity for this whole Aquaria. Unbelievable?
!Don't believe it!

I wonder if there is Turtles style in our swimming stroke.
Maybe soon, someone will develop it XD

Aha! This toad is super large in size.
I thought it was a fake initially XD

This is dinasour turtle
Die jor~

The origin of spiderman.

I think it is at least 5kg.
Very suitable for weight lifting XD

This animal eats ants.
Guess what?
We can eat'em =P

Waw, wanna eat fried fish?

You can never finish them in a month~

Gold Dragon (in mandarin)
Was said that able to bring good fortune to its owner.

Ownself see lar har~

Oh! Do you know what's this? Hehe...
The answer is right below~

!Bamboo Shark Egg!
I don't know they lay Egg XD

This is fish


Weird fish

Very weird fish

Oh! I spammed lot XD
This kid wanna suicide.
He challenged the shark.

This fish has a wide smile.

This fish is like a balloon.

This fish looks funny

Water tunnel

Many fishes
Tired of discribing their characteristic =.=

See how big is the turtle~
I purposely took this picture together with a kid for comparison.

Stone fish

Butterfly fish

Don't know the name


Finally, I've finished these fishy stuff. Hiew~ This aquaria thing is an hour walk attraction. Time saving huh? Actually we got plenty of time to spare XD
So we started taking photos in sourvinor shop.
And we ate ice-cream
Why spend 10 bucks for a snake picture?
I did it free in their sourvinor shop XD

Eh, I just realised that the two pictures above can be combined.
Actually this trip is not about team 7 only.
We have 97 participants all together.

One of the DSLR camera man claimed that we can't camwhore with DSLR
But I proved that we actually can^^
Just like this~ Hahaha

Okay, it's time to go~


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