When these two matters came across my life, I came to understand the true meaning of bondage. This is something I once experienced, and I declare it as my best experience. Both matters happen to be a conflict that raised due to misunderstandings and voiceless comments on post. Nevertheless, they bring forth different endings.

If I'm allowed to define further, true friendship can never be devoured by simply words or texts. One that values friendship is willing to lose by a good retreat. Then, good approaches come next. Well, is this what we usually practice? Never, but the hearts of those who value friendship will tell us to do so.

Silent treatment among friends is the worst of all for there is no direct break nor attach. It is like a barrier that we will notice each other yet we can't communicate.

In contrast, when one party finally approaches, did opponent responses with love and kindness? Or the barrier remains?

What am I proud of? The best was declared yet it never shows what it really means; we never declare we have the best bond yet we become the best.

Once I questioned: Why these have to happen one after another?

The reason is now known. They taught me how to differentiate: A relationship that both party treasure eventhough big waves that arise due misunderstandings cannot break it, is called true friendship. Lifetime miracle.

Thus I truly believe: Friendship is strengthen through trails, not through parties.

This gang, we called it "seven" since it happens to be seven of us.
Now, we are true brothers and sisters

Distance might keeps us apart
Walls might separate our voices

God bring us back once again


reen said...

can u like..put a more decent pic..of 7 of us??

its all 6, and missing a person le.hahaha

en said...

haha yalo.. 1st pic li ping missing, 2nd pic yang mising lol. tot you said you want to blog about what you think of each person one?? haha :p

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