Port Klang Visit

During our preparation for the bridge competition, we visited port klang, a place where there is a trend where people toss fruits into the sea to make sea juices XD

Well, one of my friends told me that the only flowing water that he could see in his hometown is the drainage =.= Perhaps he is blessed for he will not encounter tsunami in his life =D The only disaster that he might face is 'longkang tersumbat jadikan kawasan banjir air longkang' Hahaha~ (Translation: Blockage in drainage system which then causes flood) I hope that will never happen definitely for I certainly don't want to lose him XD

By the way, the state of Kedah has sea shore right? Beware of Tsunami...

Actually in this few days of living together, I find that Ah Pang is in fact a helpful individual^^ Aside from being humorous, he has a logic thinking and practically being confidence. This is when he gets serious of course =) I am so fortunate to be granted this opportunity to know him better before I could missed it. Besides this, he treated me better when I get to borrow a night stay in his condo before the competition date. Ah Pang, you've gained yourself some stars inside my list XD

Apparently, we are all in different sections of the world but I hope that what I am is good in you XD I try not to be as '烦' as I used to, and not to be as bossy as well. Blah~

Time for photo album:
We are on the ship!
Me, Pang and YiZhong
Irene and En
The ship knocked my head =P
Play sea water, looking for jelly fish (Plastic bags)
Irene, En and Hao

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