Sing to the Max

What is a Song? Why do people sing?

Well, it is a way that you and I express ourselves. For further declaration, it is very different from words spoken. When we have a listener, certainly 'speak' is the best way where we would have desirable feedback. Whereas for the opposite, we 'sing' without answer return. I wonder you guys had experienced this =)

Sometimes we sing to praise, sometimes we sing to miss, to cry or to motivate.


Yesterday, my Klang friend came to invite me for a shout in New-way Karaoke. The fact is, I was such a song alien XD I couldn't even finish a single song that they'd picked. Serve me right for living in such of entertainment-less life. Whatever~ As long as I'm not found guilty for that.

Somehow, my friends are splendid. They have a voice that is astounding. They can sing angelically well as in solo which my voice couldn't just merge in to turn over the table. I'm such a pathetic... And since I couldn't help myself to sing, being a photographer for this session is not bad and I could have blog about this chapter^^ But the point is, I don't have a proper camera device on hand to produce a better picture here =.= Hahaha... (Using Phone Camera)
其实我朋友真有一手。他们的歌声实在特别了。独唱时可显出在何方也听不到的美妙歌声,不像我的声音大把人有=.= 竟然唱也唱不出了,我就负责拍照来部落吧^^ 可是我手上又没有相机,只能用手机罢。
This is us. Me, Joseph, Naomi and Irene. It costs us RM18 per person. Expensive? I don't know for I'm not a Karaoke person XD
一人十八零吉贵吗? 我也不晓得 =P
The fare includes 3 sets of meal and beverages. And the food is brilliant and worth for the price.
While singing, we webcam-ed a friend from Sabah to join us. Guess what? He really joined us to sing^^

1 comment:

e l d y said...

long time no go sing K lor .. no $$ ba ~

ps: kick ur ass bro !! kick mine back so I can get enough $$ to go to sing K la ~ hahaha ~

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