I own an Office!

-just edited. Man~ When I looked back, it was like a piece of crap XD-

As stated, I'm training at Gallery@Uthant. The traffic is extremely bad this morning but fortunately, I need not to punch card and I hope I can never do that^^ The project manager whom I reported to according to the HR office, gave me a personal office where I can Wifi. Too bad that I didn't bring along my laptop today~ Somehow, the room itself is not air-conditioned where I should borrowed the cold air from my neighbor room =.= Lonely~

Then, the construction manager asked me "What do you wanna learn?" I said "Anything that is possible". He halted. "You go read the plans first." He said. He promised to prepare me the helmet. As for the boots, in my heart I declined it so I can flee from the top floors of the site this month =P

Everyone were busy with loads excluding me and the ME coordinator who was on his desk almost all the time, I can hear him msn'ing too =P As I skimmed through the plan again and again and started to miss my friends =( I wonder how are they doing, Haha~ I skimmed the formal letters as well and found the procedures is very much the same with YiZhong's doing. He had become one with this industry.

I meet the safety&health officer whom seems like Chinese but actually he is Malay. His attitude is almost the same as KokSheng. I mean he likes to share information and I listened to him before I was trapped in his lecture. Anyway, that's a good way to kill time, Hehe~

Then, I started to 'Kepoh' on construction manager's doing (He is having similar personality with Tiong Bun). Then, my new chapter begun. Together we studied the plan to make amendments and he requested me to do the AutoCAD for him tomorrow. I told him I don't have the software and so he grinned, "Tomorrow bring your laptop and copy it from others" Oh no, I can't remember when is the last time I operated AutoCAD.
It will be much more complicated than this XC

Then we went to have lunch and I was treated. Now, my task was to 'supervise' the Achi Coordinator who speaks Hokkien to me and Construction Manager who speaks Cantonese. Fortunately, I'm multilingual here. I used Malay to Planner/QA&QC/DOC and I used English to safety&health officer.

Seeing me bored, the planner borrowed me a helmet so that I could flee from office but thanks to that, I inhaled dust and fell sick. Currently, I'm having fever and headache. Somehow, I am going to concrete plant tomorrow to check on their concrete production.

Learned/Refreshed: Constructing Stiffener and AutoCAD
Stiffener - A stringer or other light structural member used to maintain shape or give rigidity to structures of stressed skin construction.)


yong kiat said...

btw my name is yong kiat!.. nt keat ler... change change...
hrm... gambatteh draw autocad ya.. hehe... me at site just go here go there climb here climb there... hahaa...

leo7_lion said...

At the end of the day, I still din get to draw. Hahaha~

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