New Preferred Name

I'm changing my name again!! Well, I mean not the real name as stated in my Identity Card but the one which I used online. Previous one was Cornelius, if you do notice and before that was Elendil Leo. The reason for the change is fairly simple. Someone humiliate it =.=

In fact, I like the name Cornelius as it was rarely used by others here in Malaysia. If you do know me, you will nod when someone claims that me constantly want to be unique. Somehow, I never ask those whom I know in person to call me that. They will address my true name, and the nick name is for cyber usage.

After the name Cornelius crumpled, I retrieved Elendil Leo although it is not my favorite for the meantime. Then Douglas suggested that I replace Leo with Laen. Sounds special isn't it? Laen Elendil. It almost becomes an alien name^^

Soon, my site engineer came and unintentionally pronounced it wrongly. It became Laen Elungo. Wow, not bad also right? Sounds cool^^ Thus it was decided that my new name shall be Laen Elungo.

My younger sister is Elyawen and Me Laen Elungo


Më| §zë said...

i don't even know how to pronounce your 'new' name...

lp said...

sound like smigo..haha..

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