Traced by an Old Friend

As usual, I skimmed my e-mails today and found one stated "looking for a friend". Wah, I thought this could be the third time me receiving notes such in "boyfriend wanted" =.= Lucky huh? Unfortunately, I'm the type that tackle strangers. Somehow, my assumption about "boyfriend wanted" thing was wrong =P

She was looking for her primary school classmate. This clearly tells you that I'm one of them =) Now allow me to introduce, YingZhi. In the past, she was sitting beside me and we had lot fun together as friends. We went for school trip together and something did happened. I'm not telling you what it is as I presume that's not an issue for public.

Anyway after that school trip which was about 9 years, I always wanted to see how she had changed and I'm anxious in meeting her. We did have a small gathering among primary friends but she didn't turn up and I was disappointed. Haiz...
I must admit the gladness of meeting her once again. If school assignments were to finish before this meeting, I would be merrier^^ This is the picture I grabbed from her Facebook. I think she would allowed me to display her picture here in my blog.
I should have known to use a camera back then when I was young so that I could snap more of my childhood moments^^ You know what? I was very cute last time~ Hahaha~

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