Working in One Utama Jusco

This post is regarding my 29th and 30th November working days. I finally realised the trick to promote Ricoh in these days. No one can deny Ricoh as the best camera after using them. As I told you before, my customers were praising Ricoh all the way after trying it out.
This is how Ricoh stall and logo looks like. As simple as ABC~
Why is this alien picture over here? Well during these two days, there was a gang of teenagers actually banged against this thing while walking out. Funny~
This is Joshua, a 2 years experience promoter but his promoting skill...
This is the style he serves customers, one hand on the stall while his backside lifted. I don't what to say this but he actually chased away my customers in those days. Ish!!
Don't you think this bag is cool? But I've no idea why Joshua disliked it. Weird taste~ I wished I can get one.
This is Ricoh R8, better than R7 of course. Basically, I successfully promoted 5 out of 10 cameras at the first day and 2 out of 3 at the second day. 5 were Nikon cameras and 2 were Ricoh R7. But 1 R7 was returned due to some accidents. I must try push R8 next time^^

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