Best Pao that I can find!

If you're from Malaysia, have you ever heard of Taman Rashna, a place that is famous with their Bah Kut Teh? Actually not only their their Bah Kut Teh is scrumptious, the Pao too. These are some pictures to guide you to the restaurant.
Klang Food Centre, so called centre but only sell Pao. Whatever, that's not my point. My point is their Pao is really good.

From what you can see here, all Paos are home made. They were not like those which had been frozen before. Very fresh bun indeed!

Even the beverage, soy is home made. Not canned. Delicious!

This is how they make the Pao. Family business I suppose.

Anyway, you must try these if you've the chance. You won't regret traveling far and spending your time there! Peace ^^v

Some camwhore photos:


Dezz said...

Oh My! I am hungry my friend. I love to eat that as well. We call that one siopao in Philippines heee. Yummy!

Dezz said...

Oh friend, that's what I thought. I think siopao originated from Chinese people hehe. Btw, it's one of my favorite. I really miss eating siopao. Too bad, I couldn't it in our local fil store-:(

hope you have a great week ahead.

tc my friend,

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